I think I was always interested in photography. Cameras to be sure as it was some kind of machine. Other than the throw away types, my first camera was a Polaroid Spectra Instant Camera. It wasn’t cheap either. Somewhere around $700 when they first came out long after the Land Camera model.
The opportunity came to get a little more serious about photography when I found myself unemployed while living in Calgary Alberta. Of course you can see the Rockies from some parts of Calgary and how could I resist. I purchased a Nikon DSLR model 7100 Nikon 7100 and off I went investigating those mammoth hills called the Rocky Mountains near Banff AB and beyond.
The Nikon 7100 like most of Nikon SLR models probably have in excess of 200 settings and I still don’t know them all yet. At the basis of the settings is the round wheel-like button commonly known as PSAM. There is also an Auto setting and a Scene setting if you know absolutely nothing but you’ll have to move away from those pretty quickly if you want to produce some outstanding photos. Shutter priority, Aperture priority and White Balance? Well those are each a horse of a different colour (can) color (us).