I grew up on the farm and was introduced to equipment concepts from an early age. Tractors, combines, hay balers and engine repair and welding we’re some of my first experiences working with my hands. But from somewhere within I yearned for something totally different. Creativity. I remember when at about 6 or 7 years old, my mother walked in on me when I was belting out a song. Those were the days of the stiff upper lip and while it wasn’t a disavowing look it wasn’t one of encouragement either. I think that may have stifled any chance of ever being in the spotlight except for a bit of karaoke here and there, although I did get to lead the choir at Christmas midnight mass with the song Adeste Fideles at about age 13-14.
Well , there would be other chances at creativity. They came in the form sign making, photography and graphic design.

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