About Me

Remi Aubin – Age 68
I grew up on the farm on Island Road just 2 miles outside the village of Martintown.
I was actually born in the farmhouse, a fabulous old 13 room stone house built in 1892 from limestone cut from the north branch of the Raisin River riverbed. I lived there with my parents Rose & Henry Aubin. I was the last of eight children. My ancestor’s arrived in Canada from Normandie in 1647.
I graduated from Char-Lan DH in Williamstown and immediately went into small business.
1970’s – Did crop services (know as custom work) for local area farmers.
1980’s – Started a trucking company hauling produce from Florida.
1990’s – Took a sabbatical and lived in Toronto & Mississauga, otherwise lived in Martintown my whole life.
2001 – Re-opened the gas station, renovated and opened the grocery store.
2008 – Re-invented the business into a new-media outlet.
2013 – Went to work in the Alberta oil patch.
2017 – Semi retired. I do some general repairs, vehicle lettering and signage.