All great things start with an idea and is essential for any worthwhile endeavour. Google’s Rank Page is an example of a great idea. The statement, all great things that start with an idea, led me to have a domain in my personal name as the web just keeps growing and growing. In most instances it will be difficult to purchase your personal domain (ex: especially if you have a common name. It would certainly be worth your while to try for it as your domain will be your personal business card for the rest of your life if you want it to be. If dot com is not available, there are many other suffixes

all great things start with an idea idea

that might work for you. The cost for a domain is minimal at $10-$12 a year and your website has to be hosted somewhere so that search engines can find you. Hosting is cheap at about $5/month and I recommend SiteGround for your hosting needs. Why not give it a try.